About Us


IMG_4725 Welcome! Thank you for joining with us. For more than 30 years, Mulia has been a highly regarded and most wanted part of Indonesian Military, Police and any Security equipments wholesaler and retailer. Mulia store is located in the central of Jakarta, Indonesia.  And while we’re immensely proud of our loyal customers, we are also very excited about the future customers. You will find there is more can be found than just our excellent quality, loyalty and value. As the one of the biggest wholesaler companies providing more than 1000 items in our store and 1000 customers more, we are committed to the strong, loyal and rewarding relationships between stakeholders and we also maintain with our valued suppliers, so that together we can provide our customers with the best products and services. We believe in providing our customers with the widest range of variety products and are constantly looking for new ways to offer greater choice. That is why we have spent many years developing a range of trusted company with its own specific guarantee of quality. We understand that our customers have different needs, influences and preferences, we have developed our great quality with the hybrid products so that customers can afford it with a standard quality from the government and our commitment to providing a greater choice.